Camping in Spain (Camping tips for Spain)

Why not arrive to Spain, rent a caravan and going viting places by you rhythm? It's the perfect way to know every single and magic place of this region. Besides there are many ready sites.

You can stay with all the facilities that they offer. One can choose between a oficial camping where you have to pay to stay there or you can find a place where to park is safe and legal. With this vintage way of trip, you go with your house everywhere so you wouldn't have problems about time, checking, etc.

Touring by caravan lets you, not only meet a new place, but also feel that peace that only the natures gives to you, to get into an idyllic wilderness where the time doesn't exist. Autumn and spring are good two season to visit Spain by caravan because there is not so many people. In addition, is not a cold country as well as other in the north Europe. In summer, in the other hand you will find so many people everywhere you go and sometimes it can be stifling but you will find traditional parties and concerts. It all depends on what are you looking for.

So, why Spain for camping? 

Spain wheather is one of the best in Europe. You will find sun almost every day of the year, sandy beaches, great mountais, big cities, little and old towns.

You can go from moorish architecture and culture to a current one in the same city, from big mountains to magical beaches. Cadiz, in Andalusia, for example is famous for its White Town Route, where the views are more than spectacular. One can enjoy the sunset between the mountains. In fact, there are special parks in some of these town specially for caravans (by the way you can book a hippie camper here). In this region is known too to park near to the beach. You will discover caravans in Tarifa, Los Caños, Conil... and not only in summer season.

You will find these magical laces in all over the country. It's easy to be lost without worries, just to enjoy. Spain is prepared for caravans in each region, and each one has amazing things to do and to explore.

Here are some camping tips for Spain:

  1. Bring table and chairs: normally your campsite does not have any of these things. You`ll probably find some rock table and standar chairs, but are a little bit uncomfortable and dirty.
  2. No camp fires are allowed: you can get in trouble if you do not respect it. Anyway, you should ask for it whe you just get to you campsite.
  3. Talk with your campsite neighbour: people in spain are so friendly, they are not perfect in english but at least you could have some fun and maybe have a new friend.
  4. Check the city normal weather out before you go: I say that because the weather is so different in Spain. The south is so warm and cities like Malaga, Seville, Cadis, Granada are perfect to have some sun and do not worry about the bad weather. But if you go to the north like Santander, Pais Vasco... You´ll have to get some jackets even in summer.

What is the meaning of the spanish word VIAJAR?

Probably you dont get why an english blog has as a title a spanish word, right? Well, thats because "spanish is the second most spoken language" and you can listen to spanish (Spain) in Europe and a big part of America. And also in some other regions around the world.

But, What is the meaning of the spanish word VIAJAR?
Viajar means travel. Viajar, is a verb (like travel).

But you know how do you pronounce it? Here we leave a video explaining how:

What do you know about Andalusia?

We want to start the blog with a guesting post, a post where you guys can leave us comments about this question...

Andalusia is in the south of Spain, but what do you know about this land? It´s actually one of the most visited places in the world, because it has cities like Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Málaga, Cádiz... It has amazing and huge natural beaches, and also a lot of sun and party. But apart those things, what do you know about this part of Spain?

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