What do you know about Andalusia?

We want to start the blog with a guesting post, a post where you guys can leave us comments about this question...

Andalusia is in the south of Spain, but what do you know about this land? It´s actually one of the most visited places in the world, because it has cities like Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Málaga, Cádiz... It has amazing and huge natural beaches, and also a lot of sun and party. But apart those things, what do you know about this part of Spain?

Our Destiny, our travel

Here we are. We are http://viajardestinos.blogspot.com/ a website (well, actually a blog) about travel and destination. We are here because we want to share with you the experience of travelling areound the world, or at least the main countries and our destination.

We want to make this website fun, as fun as we will enjoy other blogs about travelling. So, we hope you will find the site amazing.

So, I justa want to tell you all that we are very excited about this, and we have millions of pictures which we want to share with you.