Surfing in the northern Spain

If your passion is surfing, you will find places in the northern Spain to practice your favorite sport while you enjoy unforgettable landscape. The best plan is to cross the north with a typical surfer camper to feel that surfer life far from classic turism.

Surf sport is one of the protagonist in beautiful places as San Sebastian. Its known Zurriola beach is visited every year by thousands of surfers who travel there only for live its waves. Zurriola is also known because they celebrate local, national and international championship during all the year. It is placed in the heart of the capital. It allows you if you are starting in this sport and it has big and amazing waves for all those experienced. In the same region we can find Mundaka, another important surf destiny. This lovely beach is known because its left wave. They say that the better season is ends of September or October. Then you will find other surf addicts enjoying its landscape. It is international known.

The region of Cantabria is near and there the tradition of surfing was born in 60’ years, when a known citizen brought a board from France and started to surf in his beach. One of the most important beach is Berria, in Santoña. It is placed between Brusco Montain and the Buciero. Its golden sand will always welcome surfers from over the world. In the south of this place one can find also the Nature Reserve of Santoña marchlands.

Another beautiful places to find in Cantabria is El Sardinero beach, in Santander. This beach has made Cantabria famous. It has a big historical tradition and its curious name is based on the big number of sardines that one could fish there. It is an urban beach, known because its golden sand and its open space.

Rodiles, in Villaviciosa, can be found in Asturias. It is one of the best beach to surf in the north of Spain. It specially amazing because it gives you different possibilities. With the low tide you can find strong and long waves from left. With the high, one can find good peaks.

Also in Asturias one can find San Lorenzo, a known surf place in Gijon. It is an urban beach, one of the biggest in the region. It has 1,5 km of long golden beach. It usually gives surfers peaks from right to left. If we continue we can find Galicia. There we can find Pantin beach, in Valdoviño. This is a mythical place to surf. There they organize the Pantin Classic Galicia Pro, a binding event for the Qualification Series of World Surf League. Pantin is an almost virgin beach that have good waves during all the year.

Ferrol is another mythical place. One of its beach is Doniños. It is a beach known because of its good conditions in spring and summer. The perfect conditions are 2 meters’ waves from deep sea. One can usually find long waves from left.

We give you some options if you are not from Spain but you want to go there (or to northern Portugal/France) with for example Atlantic Surf Route (website), a famous company that mix campers and surf, offer the northern route, with which you can access to all these amazing places. Just choose the best camper for you and don’t worry only for enjoying the waves across the north coast. Another option is to stay in a surf camp (with the limits of travelling) but there you will have all you want a have the posibility to know very well some places, like Soulridercamp (website) offers to you.