Daily Trekking Trip in Torres del Paine

Here "Trekking Torres del Paine-Which Route to Take" you can red all the info about this trekking trip, but here we leave you all what we did, day by day:

Day 1 Starting Point: Refugio Paine Grande (bottom left of the “W” on the map) Ending Point: Refugio Grey (up the left side of the “W”) Sleeping Arrangements: We rented a tent from Refugio Grey and slept in their campground Length: ~8 miles (11 km)

Day 2 Starting Point: Refugio Grey Ending Point: Refugio Paine Grande Sleeping Arrangements: We slept in Refugio Paine Grande in a 6-bed dorm Length: ~8 miles (11 km)

Day 3 Starting Point: Refugio Paine Grande Ending Point: Campamento Los Cuernos Hiking Note: We left Paine Grande hiking east. When we got to the middle part of the “W” we went north towards Campamento Britanico in the Valle de Frances. After hiking all the up the valley and back, we continued heading east towards the right part of the “W”. Sleeping Arrangements: We slept in a 12-person dorm room, with 3 bed high bunks. I was on the very top of one. Not fun when having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Length: 15 miles (24 km) Crazy long day that saw us up really early and hiking really late. Exhausted after this day. Be sure to check out the recap next Monday to get suggestions on what we would do if we had to do it over again.

Day 4 Starting Point: Campamento Los Cuernos Ending Point: Campamento Chileno Hiking Note: After arriving at Chileno, setting up camp, and eating lunch, I hiked up past Campamento Torres to the Mirador de Las Torres and back before dinner. Sleeping Arrangements: We rented a tent from Campamento Chileno and slept in their campground. Length: 9.5 miles (15 km) to Campamento Chileno. It’s another 7 miles (~11 km) round trip to the Mirador de Las Torres. 16.5 miles (26 km) total

Day 5 Starting Point: Campamento Chileno Ending Point: Hosteria Las Torres Hiking Note: This was a short hike to the end where this is a lodge that serves hot meals and cold beers. Sleeping Arrangements: We took a bus back to Puerto Natales and checked back into our B&B, the Erratic Hostel 2. Length: 3 miles (5 km)